By Strip Teas

$ 30.00
With a full-mouth bouquet of fresh, sweet grass and rich cocoa, Mat-Cha-Cha is a potent wake-up kick and vitamin boost. Made from the finest most tender leaves possible, Mat-Cha-Cha is an antioxidant powerhouse. Stone-pulverized into a delicate powder, 100% of the tea leaves are ingested with each cup. Mat-Cha-Cha boosts metabolism, helps burn calories, detoxifies, enhances mood, and aids in concentration. Believe in the power of Mat-Cha-Cha.
Stone-ground green tea from Japan.
Add a few drops of under boiling water to 1 teaspoon Mat-Cha-Cha and mix into a paste. Add more hot water to paste mixture and stir. Adjust measurement to taste. Experiment by adding Mat-Cha-Cha to smoothies, yogurt, lattes, or cocktails!
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