By Strip Teas

$ 30.00
If there truly was a fountain of youth, imagine Beautox springing forth. Lovingly called liquid botox, this beauty elixir infuses carefully chosen natural plants well known for supporting skin health. Elements include gotu kola, revered as the secret to perpetual youth, unprocessed and dried white tea leaves celebrated for its plethora of antioxidants, rose hips distinguished for its ability to fight cell damage, and many more potent skin enhancing herbs. Created to encourage smooth complexion and to foster your inner glow, Beautox echoes the hopeful fragrance of a spa. No needles needed.
White tea, gotu kola, red clover, licorice root, calendula petals, rosehips, willow bark, green rooibos, strawberry leaves, honeybush, blackberry leaves, rebiana (stevia extract), natural essences.
It's the dose that makes the poison. Though your brew's intensity is surely a matter of personal preference, we suggest using 2 plentiful teaspoons of dried leaves to a mug of boiling water. Steep for 4-5 minutes.
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