About Us

Our Story:
Strip Teas was a concept originally developed many years ago for our founder, Victoria, who struggled most of her life with uncomfortable digestive issues. Several diet changes, medications, herbal remedies, and many many doctor’s visits later, she decided to experiment with the teas and herbs she was importing for her specialty tea shop. Suddenly things began to change. She felt lighter, less bloated, more energetic and just plain happier. For the first time in many years, she felt relief and contentment in her own body. Not only did she discover what became the first set of blends in our Beauty Collection, but she began to fully realize the most compelling and effective health brew: tea.

Strip Teas is a line of expertly crafted beauty teas designed to facilitate a healthy and pleasurable path toward well-being. Our range of therapeutic Beauty Teas are all natural, organic, and blended in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Our goal is to inspire hope and personal acceptance through the restorative nature of tea.