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Letter from Victoria

  • By Victoria Boyert

Hello darlings!  I'm Victoria, certified tea sommelier, workout enthusiast, and lifestyle specialist. I'm the founder of Satori Tea Company, The Tipping Teapot, and now Strip Teas Beauty - a collection of functional teas and ultra-pure botanical products to help correct biochemical imbalances through natural herbal remedies.

My personal story actually begins quite early on as a young girl.  I remember the moment precisely - during my first formal tea class at 7 years old.  Looking back, I think I subconsciously chose tea because I was seeking answers for myself.  I struggled with severe digestive issues ever since I was an infant.  Over the years, I suffered through a myriad of health problems, never actually realizing there was a correlation.  For me, tea was as much an enjoyable treat as it was a therapeutic ritual.

Around the same time, another passion began to shape my wellness journey: dance.  My proclivity for mind and body awareness was cemented when I began my classical ballet training.  Dance was, and continues to be, a huge piece of my existence.  Ballet taught me discipline, control, practice, movement, endurance, performance, and pure joy.  It also taught me to be extremely cognizant of my body.  Not just in size - but fully aware and in tune with myself, from every strand of hair in my bun to the nail on my pinky toe and every fiber in between.

The last, but just as crucial, piece of my story was my internal health suffering.  Specifically, I struggled with painful stomach cramps and severe acne. I tried everything from accutane to acupuncture to cure myself.  Years of researching, experimenting, diet change, and finally intuition brought me back full-circle to tea and herbs for healing. Over time, I've learned how the mind and body are correlated - how our issues are complex and often deeply tied to digestive distress and chemical or nutritional imbalances.  Refocusing toward a plant-rich, nutrient-dense, whole-food lifestyle, both topically and internally, has transformed my life.

Now, I'd like to share my learnings with you!  My goal is to give you access to powerful products that offer rapid and sustainable results.  I believe in foods and products that make you feel sexy and improve your quality of life. Being "healthy" shouldn't be stressful and torturous.  "Healthy" is being intuitive and confident enough to trust yourself, rather than shame yourself.  You have the right to feel your absolute best, without restriction.  

xoxo - Victoria






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